Mentor Programme

Starting any new role can be quite an anxious time, there is lots of new information to absorb, what peoples care needs are, where they live, what your responsibilities are, the more you think about it, the longer the list gets.

To help our new employees, and those who may have been on any extended leave, such as maternity leave, everyone is allocated a Mentor.

Most people's view of Mentoring is as a process whereby new people are helped into an organisation or system, or backed-up regarding their own personal or professional development.

The person who does the supporting may be called a Mentor (or may still do the supporting but have no such title!). Most people are, in fact, someone's Mentor whether they know it or not. Everyone needs a Mentor, and most of us have one or more.

Mentors are people from within our organisation are chosen because of their skills and dedication, they have consistently proved themselves to be committed to the people that we care for and interested in supporting new employees to follow in their footsteps.

Mentors will be there to give both practical and emotional support, they will be another support mechanism for you, they will give practical hints and tips and guide you if you need advice or instruction. If your mentor cannot help you they will get in touch with someone that can.

Mentors will be in touch with you as you need them, they will arrange regular one to one meetings with you, when they will give you honest feedback as you grow into your role, and they will be also give you their company telephone number so you can call them for advice if you need to. If your mentor becomes unavailable for any reason we will make sure that you are allocated to another mentor to give you the support that you need.

We have developed a comprehensive training program to set the support standards that we expect new employees to receive, which includes a written test and a personality assessment; Mentor training is followed up by regular meetings and guidance sessions, because mentors need support and advice too.