Making a difference

Why choose Bellcare to provide care support rather than employ a Personal Assistant?

A Personal Assistant (PA) is the person or persons you employ to provide the care and support agreed after you have had your application for direct payments approved by Cumbria County Council. By choosing Bellcare, we take away any worries such as:

  • have employed the right person?
  • what about your PA’s honesty or integrity?
  • what happens if my PA is unable to care for me because of illness?
  • what happens during my PA’s annual holiday entitlement?
  • what do I do if the care and support my PA delivers is not good enough?
  • what happens if my PA becomes unreliable?
  • what happens if my PA becomes pregnant?
  • who is responsible for my PA's ongoing training and personal development?
  • who will manage my PA’s salary, arrange for bank transfers etc?
  • what do I do about health and safety and risk assessments?

Choosing Bellcare offers many advantages and benefits, including:

  • A competitive hourly rate which is lower than the rate charged by Cumbria County Council for care services.
  • We will guarantee you will have a Care Assistant when you need one
  • All training and development is provided
  • We will adjust our care if your requirements change
  • We can deliver complex care including health related care tasks, and train your Bellcare Care
  • Assistants to perform these tasks
  • Your own named manager who will work with you to formulate your agreed Care Plan
  • Bellcare will manage any disciplinary issues
  • Bellcare have the necessary business insurances
  • Bellcare have an impeccable record of care management and delivery

If you employed a new PA, would you have these benefits?

New Bellcare Employee Benefits

  • Enhanced Criminal Records Bureaux check carried out prior to employment
  • Have been fully screened according to our rigorous recruitment and selection policies and procedures prior to employment, this includes references and suitability to carry out a caring role
  • Have received manager and mentor support
  • Have achieved basic training during their Company Induction
  • Have had a full assessment of their individual training needs and requirements, and plans put in place for their personal development
  • Have achieved the required high standards of care delivery
  • Have successfully completed a 3 month probationary period at the start of their employment

These are just some of the investments that we make in our new employees, to encourage and enable excellent standards of care delivery. We do recognise that these basic advantages are financially expensive; but we also recognise that the individuals that we care for expect these excellent standards.