Key Company Policies of Bellcare Domiciliary Services Ltd.

We have made available a number of our key policies and company documentation for your reference.

These are published for you to download, should you wish, so that you may appreciate our ongoing commitment to upholding high standards in service provision, equality and in the personnel we employ.

Quality Management Policy

Based on the principles of UKAS ISO 9001: 2008

Document Date: February 2017 (PDF - 113.8 kb)

Statement of Purpose Policy

By law, all Home Care Providers in England are responsible for making sure that the care they provide meets government standards of quality and safety.

Document Date: February 2017 (PDF - 147.1 kb)

Service User Guide

The object of this guide is to summarise the essential information for people who are already using or considering our service, their friends, relatives, carers and representatives.

Document Date: February 2017 (PDF - 142.9 kb)

Complaints Policy

Our complaints policy meets the requirements that are set out by the Care Quality Commission.

Document Date: February 2017 (PDF - 248.5 kb)

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Our commitment to the Environment, Health & Safety Excellence and to comply with applicable legal requirements which relate to our environmental aspects.

Document Date: February 2017 (PDF - 112.5 kb)

Equality and Diversity Policy

Bellcare is committed to eliminating discrimination, promoting diversity and providing equal opportunities.

Document Date: February 2017 (PDF - 142.6 kb)

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Our recruitment policy meets the requirements that are set out by the Care Quality Commission in relation to the selection of employees working in the care sector.

Document Date: July 2012 (PDF - 248.3 kb)

Health and Safety Policy

Bellcare is committed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees, service users, contractors and visitors.

Document Date: February 2017 (PDF - 113.9 kb)