Bellcare Recruitment and Selection Policy

By law, all Home Care Providers in England are responsible for making sure that the care they provide meets government standards of quality and safety. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) register care providers if they can show that they are meeting government standards. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and adult social care services in England.

Bellcare Domiciliary Care Services Ltd.’s Recruitment and Selection Policy meets the requirements that are set out, recruitment and selection relates to outcome 12.

Bellcare Domiciliary Care Services Ltd : Outcome 12 Requirements Relating to Workers

Individuals who use Bellcare Services:

  • Are safe and their health and welfare needs are met by staff who are fit, appropriately qualified and are physically and mentally able to do their job.

Bellcare by complying with the regulations will:

  • Have effective recruitment and selection procedures in place.
  • Carry out relevant checks when we employ staff.
  • Ensure that staff are registered with the relevant professional regulator or professional body where necessary and are allowed to work by that body.
  • Refer staff who are thought to be no longer fit to work in health and adult social care, and meet the requirement for referral, to the appropriate bodies.

Policy on Recruitment and Selection

Bellcare places great emphasis on ensuring that the most suitable candidate is chosen for the job and that all applicants receive fair and equitable treatment. This policy covers all aspects of employment within Bellcare. The following are the principles of Bellcare in our recruitment of all staff:

Job posting

Bellcare provides employees with an opportunity to indicate in open; positions and to advance within Bellcare according to their skills and experience. In general, notices of all regular, full and part time job openings will be advertised.

Personnel selection

All applicants will be sent an application form, job specification and a job description. Only the applications made using the proper forms will be considered.

Equal opportunities

To monitor the translation of intention into practice all applications will be reviewed. Brief details of every application will be recorded on the form and the reason; for inviting some and not other applicants for interview.


All offers of employment are made on condition that satisfactory references are obtained in respect of the applicant. One of which must be from their current or last employer. If the references prove to be unsatisfactory, the offer of employment may be withdrawn without Bellcare being in breach of contract.

Job interviews

Job interviews provide an opportunity for Bellcare to get the information it needs about applicants to decide who is the most suitable person for the position in question. All interviews are conducted under conditions which are favourable to interviewees giving their best.

Protection of vulnerable adults

All employees of Bellcare before being allowed to work unsupervised are checked against the ISA register.

Criminal records check

All employees of Bellcare are required to have a current CRB check.

Offers of employment

Terms of appointment and employment between Bellcare and its employees are always confirmed in writing.


Managers conducting interviews require basic training in interview techniques and should be aware of aspects of employment law relating to discrimination and recruitment.

This policy was reviewed by Georgina Stott, General Manager, July 2012