Management Development Programme

At Bellcare we recognise the importance of developing our staff and enabling individuals to reach their full potential, we also recognise that applying for a promotion is an anxious time.

Through personal experience we know that people worry that they may not have the ability, experience or skills to succeed, and once those doubts start, that they are less likely even to get an application form, never mind apply.

We want all of our employees to succeed and we believe that we have found a method of giving you the skills to develop all the skills you will need.

The Manager Development Programme allows an individual to gain the necessary skills by working closely with an existing manager, you will gain experience through observation and supervised practice over an agreed time period, which is usually 6 months.

Those staff who have the potential will have a formal meeting to discuss the terms and conditions of this arrangement, once a formal agreement has been made a revised contract of employment and job description is issued.

Throughout the time that the development program runs the potential manager will have formal documented weekly meetings where feedback and the skills as they develop are recorded. Part of this programme also addresses the skills required to complete application forms, formulate CV’s and interview skills to fully prepare the potential manager.

We have already had success; on June 1st 2012 Joanne Yates was promoted to Senior Care Worker for the Wigton, Aspatria and Silloth area. After completing the programme and then applying for the advertised job for which she was the successful applicant. Joanne was supported during the programme by Area Coordinator Melanie Wilson (pictured here at a recent guidance meeting).

Manager Development Programme

Joanne’s Story

"I first realised that I wanted to progress into management when I became a mentor.

I enjoyed the challenge, responsibility and being able to pass on my knowledge, skills, support and enthusiasm I have to new and existing team members. Mentoring and Team On-call brought on my communication skills which are an essential and important asset as a carer and Senior member of staff. It gave me the confidence in myself to apply for the position on the Manager Development Programme to progress in Domiciliary Care.

The experiences and knowledge which I gained over the six months in my role on the Programme gave me an insight as to what would be expected of a Senior Carer, which only made me more enthusiastic about becoming a Senior and the challenges and the skills I would learn along the way.

There was a lot more to the role though than I had realised initially but with guidance and the support of all Senior Management Team, I was able to progress and learn the skills required. What I found and still find invaluable is the weekly meetings I have with my Area Coordinator Melanie who guides and supports me. We discuss my goals, aims any worries or concerns and it is a good opportunity for me to receive feedback on my weekly tasks and my progression.

Once I had completed my six month role as Temporary Senior, I felt I was prepared and ready for my interview for Senior Carer as I could relay all my experiences and competencies, I had the skills and the knowledge for any questions that came.

I actually enjoyed my interview too!"